Focused Fat Removal


3D-cryo freeze is now available for the chin area! This applicator handpiece has been designed to target the dreaded ‘double chin’.

Tech explained
Using the same technology as 3D-cryo freeze, this treatment targets specifically the fat cells. By lowering the temperature to -6 degrees it pinpoints the content of the fat cells, causing 20%- 40% of the fat cells in that area to die. No other structures are affected by this process. The remaining content of the fat cells is then disposed of naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.

Contra-indications for 3D-Cryo Chin Freeze
Unfortunately not everyone is suitable for 3D-Cryo Chin Freeze, contra indications are:

Pregnancy, recent pregnancy or breast feeding
Heart condition, including pace maker
Thrombosis or Thrombophlebitis
Anticoagulant medication
History of cancer
Metal prosthesis or implants (area specific)
Auto immune conditions
Inflammation or infection in the treatment area
Transplant surgery
Skin thinning medication
Excess alcohol
Water retention

*Treatments are subject to undergoing a full consultation with a fully qualified therapist and are dependent on any contraindications identified. Results May vary.



  • 1 Treatment 30 minutes per application
  • Results visible after 8-12 weeks

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